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All Ring Sights are solid glass optical sights. They are unit power i.e. no magnification. They are all NVG compatible. They have no moving parts. No seals to leak, no internal misting up. No purging. Customised graticules. Capable of being adapted to fit various weapon systems. There are also lasers/illuminators and range finders designed for certain sights.

The DZD’s consist of a standard LC-31-85 solid glass reflex collimator sight with a removable cap added to the front preventing the view of the target scene. The optic is fitted with a special graticule with a ring and cross hair. These can be used to assist in the zeroing and alignment check.

All Ring Sights view night vision device packages are all modular so you can tailor a night vision device to suit any application.


All Ring Sights view scopes cover a field of view of 180° in this particular climate they are particularly useful for detecting unfriendly elements in aircraft when vacating cockpits or on airfields after a plane has landed, also to see that cargo ramp areas are clear before use. Extremely useful for personnel in armoured vehicles and personnel carriers before they alight from vehicles.

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