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This new Ring Sight™ has been designed for use on the General Purpose Machine Gun. It is designed for easy surveillance and target acquisition for day or night engagement. Because of the solid glass optic it needs no maintenance and cannot mist up. It was designed taking into account comments & observations following trials by the end users.

This type of sight is an up to date replacement for traditional open or cartwheel sights. Because the graticule pattern is seen at infinity against the target the firers eye position is not constrained and can move sideways, up and down, fore and aft within wide enough limits to make tracking the target and shooting easy. The sight can be supplied with or without an IR laser pointer/illuminator fitted.


The added advantage of having an IR laser fitted is that it provides a rapid accurate aiming point for personnel engaged in night operations. It does this by projecting a collimated laser beam, invisible to the eye, but readily seen by night vision goggles. Once boresighted to a weapon the operator merely puts the laser beam on target and fires, or else sets the illuminator so as to have an IR torch in dense cloud/low light conditions.


All fixed Ring Sight™ assemblies are aligned at the factory such that they are fully interchangeable from one gun to the next. The same is true for the Ring Sights™ themselves.


Slide Ring Sight™ onto weapon dovetail interface until dovetail is clicked into place.

If LC-42-85-NVG has a laser incorporated, remove BNC dust cap
and attach the Pressel switch.

3. The system will revert to standby mode 20 minutes after the last key is pressed. The laser pointer/illuminator can be activated at any time by turning the laser switch to on, and pressing the pressel switch, if connected.

4. The sight has a memory and will revert to the last illumination setting used when switching back on.

5. The unit has two battery cell compartments. The rearward cell (1) mounted on the left hand side of the unit has priority and is used until discharged.

6. When the left hand cell is discharged, the forward cell(2) mounted on the right hand side is automatically selected and used as a backup until it is discharged or the left hand battery is replaced. When the unit is switched on, two LED’s mounted above the control switches (fig 2), show the state of the batteries by illuminating for 2 seconds to
indicate the batteries are serviceable or flash to indicate the batteries are either low or not fitted.


If the unit has not been used for 20 mins It will revert to standby mode

Weapon Interface

7. The weapon interface is a dovetail Part No. 30795.



1. The operation is defined as follows

2. The unit has two modes. Normal daylight mode and night vision goggle (NVG) mode.

3. The unit is switched on by pressing either the + or - switch. Upon switching on, each LED on the membrane switch will illuminate for 2 seconds to show that it’s respective battery is okay, or flash to show that the battery is low or not fitted.

4. Pressing the + switch increases the brightness of the red graticule and pressing the - switch decreases it. There are 20 settings for brightness of the graticule illumination, 10 intended for daylight mode and 10 for NVG use.

5. Depressing either the + or - button once moves the brightness level by one step. Maintaining pressure on the button selected allows for continuous incremental steps to quickly reach the brightness level required.

Graticule pattern 47

Nato Stock Numbers

  • Sight complete: N/I
  • Adjustable Laser: 1270-99-052-1023

Features + Benefits

  • Keep Both eyes open when aiming.
  • 3 Position adjustable Laser illuminator compatible.
  • NVG compatible.
  • Graticule pattern is illuminated and can be adjusted to different brightness settings.
  • Easy to use.
  • No Misting.
  • Solid Glass Optic.


Aperture (mm)
Angular Aperture, Horizontal
Angular Aperture, Vertical
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (Kg) Approx
Graticule Pattern (fig 3)
No 131a
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