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Loris Modular Night Vision System



LORIS is a passive image intensifying device. It uses an image intensifier tube to amplify the light present at night.

The LORIS Monocular Night Vision System consists of a LORIS 1x observation sight with integrated battery compartment and a face mask or a helmet mount. The Loris night vision system is a modular system and can be adapted to suit any application. LORIS will make it possible to see the terrain at night and recognise a standing man at distances up to more than 200m. With LORIS, near infrared light, invisible to the naked eye, for instance from laser pointers, can be detected.

The sight can be used stand alone, with face mask or helmet mount, or mounted on a weapon with an optional weapon adapter.

LORIS is a family of high performance monocular night vision devices to be used as handheld observation systems or as mono or stereo goggles on a face mask or helmet mount. LORIS is available with integrated batteries or with a remote battery pack used as counter balance on the back of the face mask or helmet mount. Enhanced optics permit future integration of latest technology image intensifier tubes.

An infrared illuminator (invisible for the naked human eye) built into the sight improves close distance operations such as map reading or delicate manual work while ambient light is very low or even not present. A visible red warning light in the eyepiece of the sight indicates that the infrared illuminator is switched on, to warn that the emitted infrared light can be detected (e.g. by enemies) with other night vision equipment.

An integrated light sensor switches off the system automatically if submitted to high light levels. When the light returns to acceptable light levels, the sight will switch on again automatically. The automatic switch-off feature by the light sensor can be de-activated by turning the switch ring to position II.

A sacrificial window can be fitted in front of the objective. The window can be installed and removed without special tools.

A protection cap can be placed over the objective for protection. A small hole in the protection cap allows for use of the LORIS daylight. This is useful for training purposes. For daylight use, the light sensor has to be de-activated (turn switch ring to position II)



The quality system applied by Delft Sensor Systems for development and production is in accordance with NATO AQAP-110 and ISO-9001 directives.


Transportation & Storage

The instrument can be stored in the carrier bag, when the instrument is in regular use. The battery must be removed from the instrument during storage and can be placed in the intended compartment in the carrier bag.

When the instrument is stored unused for a longer period (more than 1month) put silica gel (NSN 6850.12.130.3339) in the carrier bag. Check the silica gel at least every 6 months and replace when necessary.

Minimum and maximum storage temperatures are -40 to +70 °C. However, it is recommended to store the equipment at room temperature.

For storage over a period longer than 2 years.

LORIS should be transported in the carrier bag. This bag protects the device against normal shocks and vibrations.

When the system is transported by vehicle, it is advisable to store it in a storage case (optional) to protect the system against excessive shocks and vibrations.



LORIS consists of :

  • A fibre-enforced plastic moulding containing:
    • an ANVIS-type GEN2, SuperGen, GEN3 or XD-4™ Image Intensifier Tube.
    • a 1x Magnifying focusable objective, with protective cover and day-training filter.
    • an eyepiece with dioptre setting indications, eyeguard (with demist filter) and a combinated in-eyepiece IR-LED/ON and battery low indicator.
    • Integrated batteries (for the handheld monocular system).
  • A remote battery pack (for the face mask or helmet mount system).
  • A flip up / switch off module.

Loris Monocular Night vision device

Features & Benefits

  • Day/Night aiming capability
  • Increased hit probability.
  • Easy to aim (instantaneous target acquisition).
  • Easy to fit.
  • Low cost.
  • Lightweight.
  • Robust (Solid Glass: No misting up).
  • Combat proven.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • Low training cost.


Sight Data

Magnification 1x
Focal length objective/eyepiece 27.3mm
F-number objective ‹_1.12
T-number objective ‹_1.3
Field of View (FOV) 40°(optional 60°)
Focusing Range 25cm to infinity
Resolution (typical) ‹_ 0.8mrad/lp
Exit pupil/eye relief 10mm / 26mm
Dioptre Adjustment from 6 to +2
Battery type 1x 1.5 VDC Alkaline
1x 1.24 VDC NiCd
1x 1.24 VDC NiMH

Battery Life(at +20°C, Alkaline, IR OFF):

48 hours

Dimensions & Mass of LORIS sight

Mass 323g
Length (length without eye cup) 112mm
Width 51mm
Height 72mm

Face mask/Helmet mount

Sight position movement in 3 axis
Interpupillary adjustment 52 - 76mm (stereo sys)
Flip-up / switch off Yes


Operating Temp. -32 to +55°C
Storage Temp. -40 to +70°C
Humidity withstands a relative humidity of 95%
Free Fall 1 m on a wooden floor
Immersion 20 m water for 1 hour

Optional Accessories

Extended range objective 3x Laser filter
Face mask Single Neck lanyard
Face mask Twin Minus-blue filter
Helmet mount Single Binocular coupling
Helmet mount Twin Storage case
Weapon interface  


Contents and accessories of the Loris night vision system

Standard Delivery


Loris Modular
2 Sacrificial window
3 User’s manual
4 Lens cleaning cloth
5 Batteries
6 Carrier bag

Optional Accessories

7 Extended range objective 3x
8 Face mask single
9 Face mask twin
10 Helmet mount single
11 Helmet mount twin
  Neck lanyard
  Laser filter
  Minus-blue filter
  Binocular coupling
  Storage case
  Weapon interface
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