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Wide Angle View Scopes



The Wide Angle viewing scope has been developed for use in the BAe146 Airliner to meet the requirements of the crew to inspect the outside of the fuselage doors for obstruction before opening. We have modified the design for retrofitting into the doors and fuselage of existing aeroplanes such as the Fokker 100.

All Ring Sights view scopes cover a field of view of 180° in this particular climate they are particularly useful for detecting unfriendly elements in aircraft when vacating cockpits or on airfields after a plane has landed, also to see that cargo ramp areas are clear before use. Extremeley useful for personnel in armoured vehicles and personnel carriers before they alight from vehicles.

The viewscopes are made entirely from metal and glass. To combat the hostile extremes of temperature and pressure, the units are filled with inert gas and hermetically sealed to prevent internal misting. In general the viewscopes are designed to suit customers requirements, and they be straight, inclined and/or periscopic.

The design is arranged with some modular components so that modest quantities are viable.

Image quality

Every effort has been made to produce excellent wide angle image quality. The combination of lens design material and coating contribute to an excellent visual image.

Each unit is purged with dry nitrogen. This prevents condensation and misting of the elements when subjected to extremes of temperature.



Features + Benefits

View Scopes are also ideally suitable for :

  • military use.
  • Interiors of secure rooms.
  • Laboratories.
  • Cockpit doors for security


The following specifications are for information purposes only and can be altered to suit as required.

Flange Dia
Tube Dia
Length 160mm
450g approx
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